Mobile App for Your Business



Let’s go back in time: around the year 2000 the total number of websites increased rapidly. Small(er) companies that had always said “websites are not our cup of tea” jumped aboard and commissioned websites. Let’s call that the 1st Internet Revolution. Quick question for you: your company has a website, right? It is now 2020. The 2nd Internet Revolution is already well underway. And you can still participate even though your lead over your competitors will shrink as you wait longer and longer. This 2nd Internet Revolution has everything to do with the emergence of mobile apps and with a change in the way we use the internet:
already in 2016, smartphones and tablets were (and are) the favorite tools to gain internet access. For example, in the Netherlands, 85% of smartphone owners accessed the internet via a smartphone. That is a crucial change! Now you understand why all around you people are constantly looking down on their phone screens. Your question I want a mobile app for my business has everything to do with that.


There are a few important trends to monitor that have to do with our “digital behavior”:

  • *We are switching from desktop/computer to tablet and smartphone
  • *We use smartphones and tablets more and more to watch movies and television
  • *Video is growing rapidly, especially on mobile (YouTube, Facebook)
  • *Convergence of mobile web and apps is happening right now
  • *Smartphones are becoming our interface to the physical world
  • *More and more advertisement campaigns are designed for multiscreen


So, let’s dive into your search I want a mobile app for my business. First, what is a mobile app? A mobile application (app for short) is a software application that is made to run on a tablet or smartphone. It can be a “micro website” or another program. Think about dating apps, WhatsApp, your favourite newspaper or other news sources as an app or…you name it. You can download apps (many are free, others are paid) via PlayStore or iStore. Most likely you are already using one or more apps already. Large companies have already developed apps like for instance the Coca-Cola Ambassador or an app for Coca-Cola Retailers in Malaysia for retail ordering. Or Nike that has several apps like Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club. And they paid serious money to have these apps developed. Apps development can easily cost $60,000 and (much) more to even millions of dollars for major game apps. The good news is that now mobile apps are available and within reach for SMEs, retailers and other “not so large” companies. So, your (retail) company too can have an app developed. If set up and used the correct way, a mobile app will generate more business and sales for your business. What’s important to remember is this: apps are a tool and not a goal. Mobile apps are instruments that you can use. It’s what you can do with it (from a marketing point of view), an app is a business tool. No more, no less. Forget all the technical mumbo jumbo and how to build an app. You don’t really want to know. What Digital Optimizers Lab can do for you is build a mobile app for your (retail) company including several very useful functionalities that your customers will love including book a table, create redeemable coupons and promotions, communicate directly to your customers, a digital loyalty card, a picture gallery, a menu (for restaurants) and more. To date, more than 25,000 mobile apps have been developed in the past 2 years with the solution that we offer. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your company when it comes to building highly customized mobile apps. Better yet, press the button below and schedule an online discovery session: