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Keeping your patients happy and making sure they come back is, of course, something you work on every day. Research shows that the average patient attrition rate in dentistry is 17%. According to a survey by Bankers Healthcare Group, one of the fears that many dentists have -and that keeps them awake at night- is declining reimbursement.

One of the other challenges a dentist has is finding new patients. And that needs to offset the attrition rate in your practice and preferably fetch a higher score if you want to see healthy growth in your practice. Well, you can do the math here.

For many dentists, running a business is not what they dreamed about. Helping patients by providing excellent dental care is. Yet, being the best possible dentist around is not enough in 2021. Believe it or not, there are many, many dental practices across the USA that have a (very) poor digital presence – or even no digital presence whatsoever. Can you believe it? I am sure that you do have a digital presence, right? Now, let us review a few stats:

  • 90% of dental patients will read online reviews about your practice before booking an appointment
  • 70% of patients consider online reviews to be as important as your credentials
  • 90% of patients trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation
  • 42% of patients refuse to visit a practice that has less than a 3-star reputation
  • 22% of (prospective) patients will head for the hills if they find a single negative review

Are you beginning to see what the effects can be if you neglect your online reputation? Well, we can help you here. Below are a few of the services we offer. We want you to try out one or more of them, on us at no cost to you. So you can experience what our services for dentists are like.

Four services that you can try in your dental practice

  • Video marketing is a powerful tool. So are your online reviews. Let’s combine the two into video reputation marketing. We’ll create a video for your practice where we will pay the production costs (around $1,500) so there’s no risk for you. Try out our video marketing solution now.
  • Streaming reviews on your website. We have an effective tool that creates streaming of your 5-start testimonials/reviews on every page of your website. This can dramatically improve the conversion rate, with this in place, there’s is no way that a visitor of your website can’t see them.  Try out streaming 5-star reviews to your website.
  • DFY Social Media Management. No less than 93% of (small) businesses across the USA struggle with one or more aspects of social media management.  Here’s the struggle top-5: generating high-quality leads (21%), gaining new followers (19%), increasing engagement (17%), posting content consistently (12%), and creating content (11%). Is this something you recognize? Have you given up on your social media? We have a new, unique strategy and formula to give your followers and visitors of your social media sites what they ask for. This boosts engagement and revives your social media. Let us handle your social media for you. So you can focus on your patients.  Get 30 days of social media content for your practice for free 
  • What is your current online reputation? Do you check this daily? Do you know what your patients write about you? We have an easy way for you to check out your current online reputation by creating an instant, online audit report (value $395) for you that shows the current state of affairs in your dental practice. Get your free online reputation report now.

Finally: feel free to schedule a brief strategy session (20-30 minutes) at no costs to you. We look forward to listening to you and together with you discover how we can help you best. This is the link to the scheduler. 

We look forward to meeting you and will respond without hesitation or fear when we hear these famous six words: “the dentist will see you now”.