Website Design Services


There are no companies left that don’t have a website? Or are there? And there are companies that, for whatever reason, need a new website or an updated website. Digital Optimizers Lab can help you with that offering website design services. We can design and build your website.

Digital Optimizers Lab builds websites in WordPress. WordPress itself is completely free. WordPress works with so-called themes and plugins. Many themes and plugins are free. Or have a free version and a paid version. Then there are plugins and themes that you can download after paying for them. WordPress (or WP) is sort of a standard for websites. When you build a site, it is very, very important that you pay sufficient attention to security. Once your website is violated, it’s too late. Don’t be stingy, invest in decent, solid security for your website. As long as you work with “off-the-shelf” plugins and themes, building a website or having it done for you will not cost you a fortune. Of course, a fully custom-built WordPress website will require a serious investment as you can imagine. One final tip: make sure that, whatever you decide, you do not become dependent on a software supplier or programmer. Think twice before giving your “ok” to the installation of software that only your supplier can maintain. WordPress is not that difficult and very well suited for doing most of the website maintenance yourself without having in-depth knowledge about programming etc.


These are the website services we offer:

  • Building websites
  • Content generation for websites
  • SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

We created websites for clients in the Netherlands and in the USA. Have a look at our portfolio page to visit some of them and get an impression of our work.

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